Hey guys just wanted to mention, if you were at my Presentation at TI4 I was drawing some concept art with the attendees but unfortunately the stream had no audio, but anyway we had a lot of good back and forth and we’ll be sure to do it again next year!

Now one thing that you might not have seen on the stream was a girl at the front of the audience drew fan art of the set at the same time and it looked really awesome, she actually uploaded it here


go check it out!

For 10 years he played Counter-Strike and haunted game tournaments, such as the Cyberathlete Professional League Winter Championships. Now, he’s here at Valve. Derrick has been with the company for almost four years, assisting customers as part of our Steam Support team. His hobbies include animation, playing video games, running half-marathons for fun (Yes, he’s nuts!), and being a DJ.

why aren’t they just letting this guy dj everything he sounds awesome (via smoke-and-ganku)


(via hexcolour)

Fuck yeah where can I find his music?

Art theft

It’s come to my attention that twitter user ‘SkullBl’ has been taking art from my blogs and claiming it as his own. He’s even calling bucket warrior ‘Bucket Knight’.

I’ll be instructing him to remove all my art, and if he doesn’t I’ll be filing DCMA’s and what not.

Thanks to all who let me know that this was happening.