I may need a new tablet, I originally thought my copy of Photoshop was getting all finicky, but it’s been all buggy in Sai and on different computers.

I’m currently using an Intuos 5 which have apparently had a history of being faulty, my college had to do recalls for my entire class. and this one is already showing signs of faults.¬†

I have lost a lot of trust in Wacom but since they’re the monopoly on the tablet market I can’t really rule them out,¬†please message me recommendations on better Wacom models or alternatives.

I’m NOT looking for a Cintiq before anyone suggests it, as my desk is far too small for one and I much prefer the regular desk tablets.

Ok, I’ve been quiet on the whole “gamergate” thing mostly because of two factors.

1. I didn’t care.

2. I didn’t know what it was.

But now these angry neckbeards are acting in ways akin to Domestic Terrorism and from what I can understand this is all because

"A woman tried to make a game and get exposure for it, but we just couldn’t have that now could we?"

I have no idea what is going on but all I can rationalize is that anyone supporting this gamergate thing is a delusional grade A asshole.

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, I HATE to be everyones dad here, but get a fucking life.

I’d hate to know if any of you mouldy little fuckboys follow me, because I don’t support this hate movement and I certainly don’t want you following me.

I like to stay quiet about these kinds of things because with social justice (for all the good it can do) people don’t generally enjoy it being crammed down their throats all day.

Anyway just felt like I needed to speak out against this kind of tripe, as it affects an industry I enjoy and look forward to work in.